Friday, March 07, 2008


I'd never have guessed I'd have the same thing to say about two totally different movies...and yet have it mean such completely opposite things.
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First up: Tropic Thunder - I'm not sure what to say except check out the picture. Guy in front, Ben Stiller. Guy in back, Jack Black (with blond hair). Guy in the middle...the black guy in the middle...Mr. Robert Downey Jr. - yeah, I had to do a double take too. Going from Iron Man to a comedy (?) war movie with Jack
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As for the second wow, a movie I don't really know anything about. It's called Watchmen, and is apparently based on a graphic novel (named one of the "100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present" by Time Magazine). It also won a Hugo Award. Not a bad pedigree. Anyway, from the just released shots of some of the characters in costume, it earns a "wow" in it's own right. Maybe a little on the schticky side, but still, looks interesting.

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Mike Belgrove said...

One of the other writers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Robert Downy playing a black man. He worries that Al Sharpton might have something to say about it, lol. Honestly as a black person I think it's kinda cool that movie make-up has gotten to the point where you can make someone look like another race and if the pics I've seen of Robert Downy in costume are accurate than they did a really good job! Plus Robert is a very capable actor so I'm sure he wont come across as stereo typical or offensive. I could be wrong though.