Friday, August 13, 2004

Amazing what one can do with time and imagination - Match Heads
Talk about freaky. Don;t watch this in the dark, or when you're alone, or when you're alone with your cat.
It's The Cat With Hands

Red vs Blue

LOL - this stuff is a trip. Someone out there is making little shorts with footage from Halo. Very cool. Check it out as Red vs Blue.

Fahrenheit 911 unmasked

Check this out! Finally someone sits down and puts that facts in order.
It's the first 14 minutes of Farenheit 911, but with the truth texted over Michael Moore's blatant lies and conspiracy theories.
It's a HUGE file though (145 MB), so don't even try if you have dialup. You'll be waiting a week. If you have the throughput though, definitely give it look.