Monday, November 28, 2005

Some interesting goings-on in the world of science. Such as melding matter with antimatter and a patent for something that sounds for all practical purposes like a Warp Drive.

A little snipet from the latter abstract, which after describing the machanism of the anamoly states that, and I quote:

"the highest pressure of inflationary vacuum state is pushing said space vehicle forward in modified spacetime at a speed possibly approaching a local light-speed, the local light-speed which may be substantially higher than the light-speed in the ambient space."

Pretty interesting stuff...

Oh yeah, the patent was filed back in March, and was just granted this month...

I love how it ends:

"By creating alternative anomalies and modulating their parameters, the space vehicle's crew would dilate and contract time and space on demand. The space vehicle, emitting a vacuum pressure modifying, controllably-modulated gravitomagnetic field in all directions, would rapidly move in the uneven spacetime anomaly it created, pulled forward by gravity or pushed by the repulsion force. The time rate zone of the anomaly is expected to have multiple quantized boundaries rather than a single sudden boundary affecting space and time in the immediate proximity of the vehicle. Speed, rate of time, and direction in space could be shifted on demand and in a rapid manner. The modulated light-speed could make the space vehicle suitable for interstellar travel. Because of the time rate control in the newly created isospace, the accelerations would be gradual and the angles of deviation would be relatively smooth. The gravity shielding would further protect pilots from the ill-effects of gravity during rapid accelerations, directional changes, and sudden stops."

Trekkies, Unite!

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