Thursday, November 25, 2004

You gotta love the stupidness of some people, especially when those people are college kids.
Check out Points in - occassional language from some contributors.
I particularly liked Candie's quote:
"Hey you guys. I can hear what your saying about me. I'm not blind you know."
Frat boys are fun:
"One time I was in the library, and I kept banging my head on the wall to psyche myself up. That was such a bad idea."
Let's learn about geography:
"What is that blue stuff on the map?" -Amanda, looking at a map of Japan
But sometimes, it's just the simple things:
Katie: Hey, what does "Monological VS Dialogical speakers" mean?
Lindsey: Monological's one, dialogical's two.
Katie: Ohhhhh, "VS" means versus! Nevermind then, pretend I didn't just ask that. I got it all under control.

-While reviewing for a speech final
There should be a law about having this much fun :)

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