Monday, August 16, 2004

Two new little things on this site.
One: Blogspot/google made a change on here. Instead of having ads on the top, they put a search bar for users to search my site for past topics/keywords. Seems only to work with older items though, not the most recent. Work in progress I guess. Either that or the bots have crawled my spot for a couple of days.
Two: Added a link to get a daily "This Is True" story posted on my site. Because of size and weird color schemes that I can't control, this has found a home on the very bottom of my site. Fun to read, but I don't control the content, so be forewarned.
Enjoy! :)
Oh yeah, almost forgot - I hate politics, but with so much of it going on all the time, I decided I had to start a new blog devoted just to the nonsense of it that pervades our airwaves and webspace. It is Political Nonsense ( It's a work in progress though, so be kind.

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