Wednesday, May 26, 2004

For all you really geeky tech people out there, this should be quite interesting. I particularly like the OC project (optical camoflage). Check this and other projects out at this Japanese research company's page.
Oh, and one more thing for the geeks. Cisco just unveiled its new router. Going for about $450,000, it will be able to handle 92Tbps !!! For those of you who don't know what that means - (1 tera = 1000 gigas, 1 giga = 1000 megas) - let's just say it's fast, really fast. Like, a breakfast conversation that goes "let's zip on over to Mars (the planet) to catch some lunch, and then run back to earth for the afternoon movie special on channel two" fast. Yeah, that fast.
Check out Cisco's new CRS-1 - the world's fastest router.

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